Trade show logistics to keep in mind

Trade show logistics to keep in mind

Trade Show Logistics to Keep in Mind

Setting up a trade show exhibit can be both fun and challenging. Unfortunately, some people allow the craziness of preparing for these events to transform them into nervous wrecks. Let’s take a look at a few trade show logistics tips that you can keep in mind to help make the preparation process as fast, efficient, and stress-free as possible.

Tip #1: Shipping  

These days, trade show contractors can easily charge $50+ for 100 pounds of shipment. That can add up to be quite a lot. Fortunately, if you consolidate your shipments, you’ll be able to save a lot of money on getting your exhibit and marketing materials to its final destination. This is an easy way to reduce your trade show logistics costs.

Additionally, if you ship your material directly to the event site will provide you with more peace of mind and will allow you to begin setting up your booth once you arrive. Also, last thing you want is for your crates to become misplaced at or on the way to a trade show marketing event. Consider painting them an exotic color or adding colored tape to them. This should help them stand out among the other thousands of dark crates brought by other exhibitors.

Tip #2: Backup Marketing Material 

This is one of those tips that, once applied, should help you feel much less stress about a trade show marketing event and reduce your trade show logistics costs. Think about it: you’ve probably already spent hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars on your marketing materials. Losing them now would mean losing out on a significant portion of your trade show investment. Not to mention, you wouldn’t have anything to present. Make sure that you back up all audio and visual files onto an external hard drive for additional precaution. Since your marketing material is essentially the heart and soul of exhibit this is a tip that you can’t afford to forget or ignore!

Tip #3: Rules Change From Event to Event 

Just because you understand the rules for a particular trade show event, doesn’t mean that you understand them. When in doubt, speak with the event director and have your concerns addressed. For example, does your trade show exhibit sit at the proper height so that it doesn’t interfere with event regulations? Remember that rules change from event to event so you don’t automatically assume that they’re going to be the same. Bring all necessary documentation to the event so that you won’t run into any issues when setting up. This can include a receipt for your floor space as well as anything else that’s relevant to the trade show event. 

Tip #4: Setting Up and Taking Down Your Booth 

Make sure that you’re setting up your booth in the right spot. You don’t want to be the first to arrive to the trade show site and set up your booth only to realize that you’re setting it up in the wrong spot! On the same token, never take down your booth early. Some trade show events can actually penalize you for this. Plus, why would you do this anyway? It would simply lower your chances of engaging with potential leads.