Trade show kit

Trade show kit

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Trade Show Kit

You’ve arrived at the trade show, exhilarated and ready for action. Unfortunately, your exhibit is missing three screws, a light bulb sparked and died, your only pen just leaked ink all over the business cards, an extension cord doesn’t work, your banner is covered in fingerprints, and now you’re developing a splitting headache. Did anyone bring some aspirin in the trade show kit? Do we have a trade show kit?

Thoughtful preparation for a successful trade show involves the assembly of a complete trade show kit. Equipped with this trade show kit you’ll be prepared, composed, and have more valuable time to spend with prospective clients. So reserve some time prior to the show and collect the following items for your trip:

  • Exhibit Repair Kit – include a screwdriver, screws to match, hammer, pliers, wrench, and touch-up paint if necessary
  • Exhibit Equipment – pack extra extension cords, power bars and spare light bulbs
  • Lead Supplies – bring a sufficient number of lead generation forms, business cards, and an appointment book
  • Exhibit Cleaning Supplies – include some paper towels or cloths, and a small spray bottle with cleaning solution
  • Personal Hygiene Items/First Aid Kit – add breath mints, hand cleaner, nail clippers, antacids, pain relievers, band-aids, facial tissues and a small sewing kit
  • Office Supplies – assemble pens, pencils, folders, staplers, staple remover, paper clips, scissors, packing tape, postage stamps, paper, envelopes, clipboard, highlighters, box cutters, rubber bands, string

  • Literature – pack your company literature for display, trade show paperwork and receipts
  • Techno Gadgets – bring a laptop computer with adapter if required, digital camera, and batteries
  • Shipping Arrangements – complete shipping labels for the return shipment, pack instructions for return shipment, and bring office contact numbers and addresses
  • Miscellaneous – consider cloth bags, a travel mug for beverage refills and comfortable footwear
  • Storage Boxes – small storage boxes work well for office supplies and personal items, and use a sturdy larger box to contain gadgets, repair kit and exhibit equipment

Be smart and seek advice from your senior staff – they may suggest other useful and essential items based on their previous trade show experience. Rather than searching frantically for a pair of pliers, or fretting about a lack of facial tissues, your staff’s time will be much better spent establishing relationships with prospective customers. A well-stocked trade show kit can save your staff a lot of anxiety and have a calming effect at your booth. And it goes without saying that staff who are calm and poised have the potential to achieve greater success at your next event. So don’t leave home without your trade show kit.