4 Trade Show Exhibit Tips

4 Trade Show Exhibit Tips

 Trade Show Exhibit Tips

After you’ve paid the necessary fees, booked your hotel, and put together your travel arrangements, you’ll probably come to realize that trade show marketing can be quite expensive! Fortunately, it’s also very worth it – as long as you know what you’re doing. In the sections that follow, we’ll provide you with four simple and practical trade show exhibit tips for helping you create the perfect, highest-converting trade show booth possible.

Tip #1: Consider White Fiberboard For Your Exhibit Floor 

When putting together the perfect trade show exhibit, you probably already know that it’s important to captivate your audience. But this can be difficult if your booth’s elements don’t stand out or aren’t visually attractive. Experts suggest making your exhibit’s floor composed of a white reflective surface. More specifically, white fiberboard is good because it is A) Durable and can withstand trade show traffic, and B) Can help reflect light more efficiently onto the elements of your exhibit (especially compared to standard, dull convention center floors). By using white fiberboard floors, you’ll help your exhibit stand out better and brighter.

Tip #2: Add Graphics To Your Exhibit

One of the best ways to help your displays stand out is to add graphics to them. If you’re featuring a specific product at a trade show, then consider investing in larger banners with images of your product and hang them around your trade show exhibit. You can include your company’s logo on these banners, as well as any other graphics that you think are relevant to what your booth is about. These should help entice people to start asking questions and engage with your exhibit.

Tip #3: Add “Mini-Displays” That Talk About a Specific Product 

Whenever someone wants more information about a specific product, provide him or her with the ability to search your trade show exhibit to find this information. Smaller, “tabletop” displays are perfect for this. What are a few of the benefits to offering these mini displays? According to the experts, tabletop displays are not only important for helping clients learn more about a specific product, but they also encourage them to ask more questions about your company.

Tip #4: Use Soft White Lighting to Illustrate Important Parts of Your Exhibit

Lights as a whole are very effective at drawing attention to your trade show exhibit. But you need to make sure that you use the right color lights, and that you don’t overdo it. It’s recommended that you use soft, white lighting to help illuminate those areas of your exhibit that contain the most important information, or that attract the highest amount of traffic.

To take this tip to the next level, you can even purchase programmable LED lights that can be set to activate whenever they sense motion. Either way, if you aren’t using some form of lighting in your exhibit, you’re missing out on a potentially lucrative way to engage with more prospective clients or followers. By implementing the four tips above, you should have no problem creating the perfect trade show exhibit.