Technology in trade shows

Technology in trade shows

Technology in Trade Shows and the Role it Plays 

Technology in trade shows plays a very important role for many reasons. For example, attendees will often gravitate towards exhibits that showcase innovative digital devices and gadgets. Because of this, exhibitors with new and exciting technology will be more likely to experience a higher flow of traffic throughout the course of the trade show compared to booths that don’t have any technology.

But technology doesn’t necessarily need to be used solely for entertainment purposes. In fact, there are a variety of practical benefits to having technology in trade shows. For instance you can use various technologies like badge scanners or mobile apps to organize data, organize your exhibit, or follow up with potential leads. As a result, you’ll need to learn a thing or two about how to use technology to your advantage so that you can achieve a desirable outcome at your trade show. 

Taking Advantage of QR Code Technology 

QR codes are perfect for helping you connect with visitors. They can be used by any visitor who owns a smartphone and who is willing to invest a few seconds of their time. QR codes can be programmed to contain relevant information about your business, or even a specific product. The primary benefit to using QR codes is that they are inexpensive to promote, are recognized by practically anyone who owns a smartphone, and don’t require that you actually “give” the visitor anything.

But if you’re going to take this approach and use QR codes at your exhibit, it’s important that you don’t do the same thing everyone else is doing – get creative. Offer some kind of incentive for the visitor downloading your QR code (like entering them in a draw for example). QR codes are also exceptionally handy for those visitors who are short on time but would still like to learn more about your company and what you offer. As long as smartphones are still around, QR codes are a strong technological-based strategy to incorporate into your trade show exhibit.

Other Ways to Use Technology in Trade Shows 

Exhibitors displaying Instagram pictures at their exhibits can further increase customer engagement and loyalty by asking their visitors to follow their social media accounts. Various other technologies can be used to attract and engage visitors as well. For instance, you can use widescreen televisions to immediately capture attendee attention as well as highlight your company and product.

Remember that visitors love exhibits that offer hands-on engagement. If you sell a product that offers a unique or practical technological advantage, allow your visitors to try it out. This will be sure to draw a crowd and increase potential leads. Finally, consider creating a digital attendee database. This database can be specifically designed to enter information about attendees, so that you can easily retrieve it later.

Lead capture systems like these are not only more technologically savvy than business cards, but they’re also more efficient (since business cards can easily get lost). As you can see, technology in trade shows can play a very crucial role in running an exhibit, both on the front and back end of your marketing efforts – so make sure to utilize these tips at your next event.