Social media and trade shows – the least you should know

Social media and trade shows – the least you should know

Social Media and Trade Shows – The Least You Should Know

You’ve reserved the perfect location, setup your booth, and are trained in customer engagement and lead conversion. What now? Preparing for a trade show can definitely be time consuming, and making the most of your time at these events has been known to be challenging (especially if you’re a first-timer).  So what is the role of social media and trade shows in terms of trade show success? Fortunately, using social media in conjunction with your exhibit should allow you to capitalize on your marketing efforts. Below are a few social media tips to remember for succeeding at your next trade show. 

“Pre-Sell” Your Company’s Appearance to The Event Using Social Media 

In business and marketing, it’s routine to “pre-sell” products before they’re actually available to the general public. Not only does this build anticipation for the product or service, but it also spreads the word about it. The same concept can be applied to your own trade show appearance. Basically, let your Twitter and Facebook followers know that you’re going to be setting up an exhibit at a particular trade show event. Remind them a few months in advance so that they too can set up their own arrangements before attending. This is also a good time to contact leads that you’ve acquired in previous trade shows to let them know as well.

Use Social Media to Promote Giveaways and Competitions 

To utilize the social media and trade shows strategy for attracting more interest for your exhibit, is hold a competition or giveaway contest via social media. For example, you can tell followers that if they “re-tweet” or “share” a particular page then they’ll be entered into a drawing to win a fun or unique prize. This is a great way to not only maximize social media exposure, but also to attract a few more potential leads in the weeks (and days) coming up to the actual trade show event.

Create an “Event” on Facebook

On Facebook, it’s relatively simple to create an “event” that you’re going to be holding. In the case of a trade show event, you can post the date and specifics of the trade show, and then send out an invitation to all of your followers. Facebook provides users with the option of either ignoring the invitation altogether, or entering the status of their decision in the form of Going, Maybe, or Not Going. By doing this, you’ll develop a much better idea as to who is going to attend the trade show event as well as remind people that it’s coming up.

Reach Out to Journalists and Bloggers on Social Media 

Bloggers and journalists regularly attend trade shows so that they can have something interesting to write about. As an exhibitor, this is a perfect opportunity to combine social media and trade shows for marketing your company. You can ask bloggers and journalists to stop by your booth and hopefully write a story on it.

Even if they don’t write a story on your exhibit, building this relationship is far more important than any short-term marketing success that you would experience now. Now you have the power of social media at your fingertips, so be sure to use it for attracting a larger audience at your next event.