Following up trade show leads – what to know

Following up trade show leads – what to know

Following Up Trade Show Leads – What To Know

Following up trade show leads the right way often means the difference between trade show success and failure. You’ve attended a quality trade show, you’ve met amazing people, and you’ve done a good job at engaging exhibit booth visitors – but what now? Is the relationship supposed to end there? Of course not! Your ultimate goal at every trade show should be to build long lasting relationships with each person who visits your booth. With that being said, we’re going to show you a few strategies for following up trade show leads that offer the highest chances of success.

Approaching Lead Follow Up in a New and More Efficient Manner 

The days of gathering business cards and handing them out at trade show events are over. This strategy alone isn’t going to do a good job at reminding past visitors of who you are and what you represent. To succeed in trade show marketing today, you need to utilize newer, more effective ways for following up trade show leads with whom you engaged at your booth.

Follow Up Tool #1: Social Media 

Social media can serve as a reliable, no-pressure platform for allowing you to slowly nurture the relationships you’ve established with visitors. For example, if you met someone, but didn’t make any solid plans of following up, this might be the perfect place to start. Connect with them on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly, LinkedIn.

When inviting to “connect” on LinkedIn, a good tip to keep in mind is to send a personalized invitation that includes when and how you met. Make it a proactive habit to interact with leads on social media sites like these, and then share your company’s information (when applicable) so that you can let them know what’s going on.

Follow Up Tool #2: Email 

A day or two after the trade show has ended, send an email to everyone you’ve met. Again, similar to before, include a reminder of how you met. By sharing a message that includes a story or funny joke that you and the person shared, you’ll automatically be able to reconnect with that individual as if you had never stopped talking. This is a very important tip since a lot of people will have a difficult time remembering who you are (at least in the beginning) considering that they met so many different faces and personalities at the trade show event. 

Is It Okay to Follow Up With Leads In Person? 

Yes! In fact, it’s highly recommended over any other form of following up on trade show leads, especially if you previously “hit it off” at the trade show event with that individual. If they gave you their phone number, then even if you’re telephone skills aren’t up to par, make the call. It’s very possible that they are waiting for it.

Just make sure that you give your lead a day or two of “recovery time” after the event is over (although this isn’t a concrete rule by any means). If you feel as though your lead might be too busy to connect, or that they are already conflicted by busy schedules, don’t pressure them into meeting in person – just maintain a quality relationship through email and social media until you can meet again at a mutual place where you both feel comfortable.