Find the best trade show for you

Find the best trade show for you

How To Find The Best Trade Show For You

When it comes to expanding your customer base, launching a new product, or capturing new lead prospects, trade shows are the way to go. But there is still an important question to keep in mind: how do you find the best trade show for your company or product? That’s what we are going to talk about in the sections that follow.

Why is Choosing The Right Trade Show Important? 

Exhibiting at trade shows isn’t free, and they generally require that you invest a lot of time setting up, engaging visitors, and dismantling your booth after the event is over. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to invest all of this time, money, and energy to find the best trade show that is going to provide you and your company with the most potential benefits?

Determining The Long-Term Value of Exhibiting at a Particular Trade Show 

How can you determine if a particular trade show is going to yield promising results? For one, it helps to know who is attending as well who is exhibiting. If you notice that there are many industry leaders exhibiting at the same event that you are, then that’s even more reason to market your company there. It also helps to understand what the true cost will be to your company to acquire leads.

Even if a particular trade show event is very popular, and attracts thousands of spectators and exhibitors, it still might not be financially beneficial to market your company there if you feel that you won’t be able to effectively convert a large percentage of booth visitors. However, if you’ve kept track of your previous conversion rates (as you should be doing), and notice that they are quite high, this will essentially keep your options open in regards to what trade show you exhibit at.

Check The History of the Show 

Make sure that you check the history of the trade show prior to attending to ensure that it has been around for at least a few years. See how many vendors that particular trade show has acquired in the past as well as how many visitors, on average, attend each event.

Understand The Audience That’s Going to Be There

How much pre-show marketing will the trade show do? Is there a special curriculum that they are going to follow? Are there going to be guest speakers? Getting the answers to these questions can ultimately tell you more about who is going to show up (which is important since you don’t want to market your products and services to the wrong customer base).

Is it Geographically Close By? 

This is probably one of the most important questions that you should ask before committing to a trade show event. After all, think about the potential difficulties associated with attending a trade show that’s 12 hours away where you don’t speak the native language of that country. You’ll also need to worry about things like acquiring transportation, setting up accommodations, and renting an exhibit (as well as organizing your exhibit in the time allotted). Events like these should be saved only for those trade show events that you know are going to be profitable. To save money, time, and experience less stress, focus on trade shows that are within your home country and that are relatively close distance wise. If you want to find the best trade show simply follow the above tips.