Engaging with trade show visitors

Engaging with trade show visitors

Engaging With Trade Show Visitors

Attracting people to your exhibit is one thing, but engaging with trade show visitors once they arrive requires a different set of strategies altogether. For many years, trade show exhibitors used the simple technique of giving away promotional products to draw a crowd and promote customer engagement. But these techniques are slowly becoming less effective, mainly because everyone is now using them. Granted, they’re still great (and highly recommended), but they shouldn’t be your only option. Below, we’re going to provide you with a few more ways you can use for engaging with trade show visitors at your next event.

Offer an Alternative Learning Experience

It’s very important you provide trade show visitors with an alternative learning experience when they visit your exhibit. What do we mean by this? Basically, offer them several different ways to absorb information. By doing this, you make it much more likely that visitors are going to learn (and most importantly, retain) what you’re telling/showing them. Some visitors are visual learners, some are auditory learners, and some are kinesthetic learners and learn through physical activity. If possible offer something for each type of learner.

Stir Up a Challenge 

Highly successful trade show marketers are often engaging with trade show visitors to their exhibit by allowing them to play games or participate in challenges. What can these challenges be? One very powerful way to engage visitors is to have them play a pin-related game (there’s no official name for it). How does this game work? It’s actually quite simple: for each visitor who returns to your exhibit with a full set of colored pins (red, blue, green, purple, and orange), you can place them into a drawing to win a prize.

But, there’s a catch: when handing out pins, you only give each visitor five of one color (like five red pins for example). The remaining colors, they must trade other attendees for. This means that if someone is going to acquire all five colors to enter the drawing, they’ll need to engage with other visitors who have already visited your exhibit (thus, making your exhibit the most talked about at the trade show). This is a fun, unique, and cost efficient way to encourage visitors to ask more questions and further engage with you and your exhibit.

Have a Full Set of Marketing Materials On-Site 

This goes without saying, but always make sure that you’re 100% prepared for engaging with trade show visitors. This means having all necessary marketing materials readily on-site (not in your vehicle or in your hotel room). Marketing materials can include brochures, one-page pamphlets, or even QR codes and thumb drives for the “green” attendees. 

Master The Art of Conversation 

While most of the tips on this page are simply “highly recommended”, this is one of those tips that is “absolutely necessary.” If you’re going to attract, engage, and convert, you need to promote welcoming body language, learn how to smile more, and above all, maintain quality conversations. If you can connect with visitors on a more personal level, they’ll not only be more likely to engage with your exhibit, but they’ll also be more likely to tell other people about your company. As you know, meaningful conversations are the best way to build connections and deepen your networking ties.

Have a Charging Station at Your Booth 

This commonly overlooked “hack” is perfect for engaging with trade show visitors. Think about it: 99% of trade show visitors are going to leave their smartphone chargers at home or in their hotel room (even if they don’t forget it, there’s really no place to plug them in most of the time). The last thing they’ll want to do is leave the event just to recharge their device. By offering a smartphone charging station at your exhibit, you’ll have a greater chance of not only reeling in more visitors, but also keeping them there long enough to have them learn more about your company.