Choosing what to include in trade show giveaways

Choosing what to include in trade show giveaways

Choosing What To Include in Trade Show Giveaways

Most trade show marketers already know that including free giveaways at their exhibit booth can serve as a nice way of increasing customer engagement. The real question is: what to include in trade show giveaways? One of the primary factors that you’ll need to consider is budget. You can’t afford to break the bank for the sake of giving away free promotional items. If the cost exceeds the return on investment that you expect to make, then you need to reconsider what to include in trade show giveaways.

Keeping Budget in Mind 

While budget is definitely something that you’ll want to consider, you don’t need to overly stress about it. Nobody is going to return something they got for free! But on the same token, these items should be relevant and useful enough to where they make an impression on prospective clients.

While stickers or pens are cheap, they probably won’t work as effectively as products that are practical or stylish, like shirts, caps, or even gift cards (for more expensive giveaways like these, have the visitor give you their contact information in return for the free giveaway). The specific amount of money that you spend on free trade show marketing giveaways will depend on a lot of factors, including the location of the trade show itself, your industry, and how well you’ve setup your exhibit booth, among other things.

Choosing the Right Trade Show Giveaway Items 

Here are a few questions that you can ask to help you better narrow down what to include in trade show giveaways:

    • Who is your target audience?
    • What exactly are you trying to accomplish by giving away items for free?
    • Why are you giving anything away in the first place?
    • How will you measure your results? Finally, determine how you’re going to measure your results. By making your giveaway sessions measurable, it helps you determine whether or not they’re actually working. For instance, by what percentage (if any) did sales increase by giving away free promotional items? Did you accumulate a higher traffic flow at your booth by giving away these items? Be honest and objective when answering these questions. If you don’t have the budget for higher priced promotional giveaways, or if you simply didn’t have time to put them together, fall back on Plan B: generic giveaways. They aren’t the highest converting forms of promotional items out there, but they aren’t the worst either. If anything, you’ll be able to save some money and develop a better feel for how trade show marketing giveaways work (so that you can better prepare for the future).

When All Else Fails, Go Generic 

  • It’s important that you take the time to answer these questions as accurately as possible. For question number one, defining your target audience is very important. You don’t want to give away a free item that doesn’t even relate to the theme of your trade show marketing event. Questions number two and three help you define the reason for why your giving items away in the first place. Are you trying to increase booth traffic, build brand presence, or connect more strongly with potential leads?