Are trade shows important?

Are trade shows important?

Are Trade Shows Important For Marketing?

Trade shows, in one form or another, have been around for thousands of years. In fact, modern day trade shows are believed to have derived from ones that were established during the late medieval period in Europe. During this time, produce growers and craftsmen would travel from town to town showcasing their products and services. It’s clear to see that not much has changed (as far as the actual concept of trade shows is concerned). But are trade shows important for marketing? Today, trade shows are used for pretty much the exact same reasons – to gain followers, make more sales, and spread the word about your business.

Trade Shows Are Still Going Strong

In 2013, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, or as they are better known, the “CEIR”, analyzed a steady increase in trade show attendance a staggering nine quarters in a row. They went on to predict that growth for trade shows should expect to grow dramatically going into 2015. This surely answers the question are trade shows important? And looking at this data, it’s very easy to see why trade shows work. They are crucial not only for the exhibitors, but also for the attendees.

The Advantages of Trade Show Marketing

Let’s take a look at five reasons for why trade shows are important for marketing and still very effective for both small and large businesses:

  • Networking: As a business owner, there’s nothing better you can do than networking. Building relationships with people who are within your industry, and who are interested in your products, is the fastest and most effective way to spread the word about your brand. On this note, never underestimate the power of one-on-one face time with people that you meet (you never know how that individual might play an important role in your company in the future).
  • Access to Industry Leaders: Depending on the size of the trade show, it isn’t unlikely that you’ll see industry leaders from all over the world setting up their exhibit booth next to yours. Since trade shows have gotten bigger (and better), there has been a growing focus on both presentations and lectures given by industry leaders. Take advantage of these by learning from the experts. Learn about their success stories as well as their thoughts on the latest trends within the industry.

  • Keep Up With Trends: Bouncing off of the previous advantage, keeping up with industry trends is very important, especially if you’re a small business owner looking to break into the market. While exhibiting at the event, make sure that you take some time to take note on what’s creating the most “buzz” around the show floor. This will help you develop an edge for future trade shows, as well as predict what the “next big thing” might be.

A final and often overlooked reasons why trade shows are important for marketing is that you’ll be able to compare your products and services to companies offering similar ones. You can even meet with vendors personally to ask more about their products and possibly learn a thing or two about how to manage specific areas of your own business. With so many great advantages associated with trade shows (for both marketers and attendees), it’s likely that they’ll continue to be around for years to come. Are trade shows important? The answer is yes.