Trade shows and low traffic

Trade shows and low traffic

How to Make The Most of a Trade Shows And Low Traffic

You’ve spent countless hours researching the competition, setting up your exhibit, and putting together your marketing materials. You’ve done everything in your power to make this trade show event as profitable as possible. Unfortunately, you’re not seeing the traffic to your exhibit that you had originally hoped for. Were you placed in a poor spot on the trade show floor? Are you sandwiched between popular competitors? Trade shows and low traffic can be very annoying. There’s no time to worry about the “why” – now it’s time to focus on a solution.

You and Your Exhibit Aren’t Attached At the Hip!

Trade shows and low traffic represent a challenge to the most-seasoned trade show exhibitor. There’s no rule stating that you need to wait for visitors to come to you. Make the most of a low traffic day by going out and making them come to you. Be proactive rather than reactive. Have a few trusted staff members stay behind to manage the exhibit while you roam the trade show floor to make new connections. As the old saying goes, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.” You can either stay at your exhibit and complain about how bad your circumstances are, or you can leave your exhibit, make new friends, and make the most of your time at the event – the choice is yours!

Stop Trying to Pitch – Have a Conversation Instead

You must recognize that trade shows and low traffic can have a pretty negative effect on your mood. When traffic just doesn’t seem to come your way, it might actually dampen your confidence a little.  In this case, it probably isn’t a good idea to “pitch” your product or service. It won’t come off as believable if you’re not really “feeling it”. Instead, just focus on having a conversation with anyone who visits your exhibit. Put emphasis on building a quality connection with them (which may or may not include talking about anything related to your product or service). You’d actually be surprised by how many more connections you make when you stop trying to “pitch” your visitors and spend more time making friends with them instead.

Quickly Follow Up on Leads

If you had a low traffic day, chances are good that you’ve only had the opportunity of meeting and exchanging contact information with a few potential leads. Don’t waste this opportunity! Follow up with them as quickly as possible. In fact, if you both shared a few laughs and solid rapport, they’re probably expecting your call (or email).

Research has actually proven that the speed by which you follow up on leads can have a dramatic effect on conversion rates. On the same token, don’t be afraid to follow up even before the trade show ends. This tip alone can create an abundance of lucrative opportunities for your brand, products, and services.

Trade shows and low traffic days are a fact of exhibiting. Get out of your exhibit and meet people.