More trade show leads with smarter staffing

More trade show leads with smarter staffing

More Trade Show Leads From Better Staffing Choices

Without a well-trained and experienced trade show staff, your chances of succeeding at a marketing event will be drastically lower. Similar to how a quarterback needs to work in harmony with the rest of his offense to score points, you need to learn how to delegate certain aspects of your trade show marketing booth to ensure that you get more trade show leads.

You Don’t Need to Carry All of The Responsibility 

The primary goal of setting up an exhibit at a trade show marketing event is to increase brand awareness. Getting more trade show leads is a close second. If you’ve ever participated in one before then you already understand how time consuming and physically exhausting they can be – which is why you shouldn’t do them alone (if you have the option). Delegating various aspects of your exhibit will liberate your time so that you can make more meaningful connections with those people that you do end up meeting and getting a chance to know. You’ll also maximize the odds of getting more trade show leads.

Pick Staff Members That Believe In Your Product 

If your own staff members don’t believe in your product, service, or company vision, then how can you possibly have these expectations for visitors? A quality exhibit starts with the loyalty and commitment of individual team members. Do your staff members deeply believe in your product? Are they willing to stick out their necks and do what needs to be done to ensure that people understand what your company is about? If not, consider picking staff members that do.

Guidelines For Quality Trade Show Staffing 

First and foremost, the personnel at your trade show exhibit need to have a lively and fully engaged personality that is lined up with your company’s vision and goals. Quiet, unenergetic staff members will bore visitors. Your staff members should be well rehearsed in the products or services that they are marketing, as well as have the ability to speak confidently about your company. More trade show leads are the reward you get for enthusiastic staff.

Provide each staff member with a copy of a pre-written script (including greetings and things to say) so that they can feel fully prepared when it comes time to speak with actual visitors. As you’re probably starting to see, preparation is a common theme in trade show marketing strategies, and can make a huge (positive) difference in your success rate. Here are a few more staffing strategies to consider:

  • Tell Them Your Expectations: Let staffing members know what you expect from them. Be very precise about this. Tell them when to arrive, how you’d like them to dress, what they need to say, and how they should act while exhibiting your company.
  • Don’t Overstaff: Overstaffing can actually “suffocate” your exhibit booth and deter visitors from checking it out. How can you determine exactly how many staffing members you’ll need for your particular booth? There’s no universal answer for this, but as a general rule of thumb, you don’t really need more than 3 or 4 additional members (besides yourself). Any more than this is overkill and will cause visitors to think that your exhibit is too crowded.

As you gain more experience setting up and running trade show marketing exhibits, you’ll develop a better “feel” for what you can physically handle and how many staff members you’ll actually need. Until then, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure that you have enough members to handle all aspects of your exhibit booth comfortably without causing to feel overcrowded.