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How much booth space do you need?

How Much Is Enough?

Bigger booths often have a bigger impact. While it’s true that people are more likely to visit and remember the giant booths at a trade show, many companies don’t have the budget to reserve those colossal booths. So how much booth space can you afford, both in terms of dollars and total capacity?

Booth space requirements hinge upon several factors: your trade show objectives, the product or service you’re selling, how you plan to generate leads, and the way you wish to conduct business at your exhibit.

In terms of objectives, your space needs will be dictated by your specific reasons for attending the show. Will you be emphasizing company awareness? Introducing a new product? Recruiting new partners? Or perhaps gaining press or publicity? Different show objectives will demand different activities, and hence contrasting space requirements.

If necessary, select only a few of your top products or services based on those you want to actively market at the show. Emphasizing a few products enables your company to display and sell more effectively, without weakening your impact with a variety of products or services that demand multiple marketing strategies. Visitors can easily be overwhelmed by a myriad of messages. Keep your selling strategies at a minimum to reduce your overall booth space requirements.


Trade show booth location

Trade Show Booths Are Like Real Estate: Location, Location, Location

The success of your trade show booth location rests upon the amount of traffic you can attract and retain. Prime booth locations can be proportional to the potential number of leads and sales achieved at the show. Where are the prime booth locations, and what position pitfalls should your company avoid?

High-traffic areas have always been sought after by exhibitors: main aisles, entrances (without being too close to the entrance), ends of rows, and corner spaces to attract traffic from intersecting aisles are all highly-desirable locations. Also seek out locations that are two or three booths up the main entrance aisle. Did you know that the right side of the aisle, when entering from the main doorway, is more advantageous than the left aisle?

Try to locate your booth along the major route to seminar rooms, if seminars will be prominently featured at the show. Also consider locations that are near, but not adjacent to, food service centres and restrooms. Granted, these are high-traffic areas; however, attendees have their own personal agenda when visiting the concessions or restrooms, and your booth will not rank high on their priority list. Furthermore, you may find attendees loitering in front of your booth as they finish their meal, blocking other attendees from reaching your booth staff.

Search for less congestion within expected high-traffic areas. Congestion can actually hurt your lead and sales prospects at a show, as it may be challenging to initiate meaningful conversations with potential customers. For example, entrances and exits are notoriously crowded and chaotic, and attendees may fail to even notice your booth if it’s located adjacent to the door.