Choosing what to include in trade show giveaways

Choosing what to include in trade show giveaways

Choosing What To Include in Trade Show Giveaways

Most trade show marketers already know that including free giveaways at their exhibit booth can serve as a nice way of increasing customer engagement. The real question is: what to include in trade show giveaways? One of the primary factors that you’ll need to consider is budget. You can’t afford to break the bank for the sake of giving away free promotional items. If the cost exceeds the return on investment that you expect to make, then you need to reconsider what to include in trade show giveaways.

Keeping Budget in Mind 

While budget is definitely something that you’ll want to consider, you don’t need to overly stress about it. Nobody is going to return something they got for free! But on the same token, these items should be relevant and useful enough to where they make an impression on prospective clients.

While stickers or pens are cheap, they probably won’t work as effectively as products that are practical or stylish, like shirts, caps, or even gift cards (for more expensive giveaways like these, have the visitor give you their contact information in return for the free giveaway). The specific amount of money that you spend on free trade show marketing giveaways will depend on a lot of factors, including the location of the trade show itself, your industry, and how well you’ve setup your exhibit booth, among other things.
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Understanding the different types of banner stands

Understanding The Different Types of Banner Stands

One of the most budget-friendly ways to add more visual appeal to your display would be to have a trade show banner present. They are perfect for allowing you to deliver your company’s message with an exclamation point. When in an exhibition hall, a large and beautifully formatted banner stand will be one of the first things that catch visitor’s eyes. As a result, you need to be sure that you’re remaining ultra-competitive in this area and doing your best to entice visitors as much as possible with your banners.

What Are The Advantages of Quality Banners? 

Before diving in and talking about the different types of banners, let’s first talk briefly about their importance. In addition to being lightweight, portable, and budget-friendly, banners can help convey a message in a highly efficient way at a trade show event. The best part is that they come available in a variety of different formats, sizes, and styles, so choosing the right one to build brand awareness for your company shouldn’t be too difficult.

Two Main Types of Material For The Actual Banner 

Banner graphics, which can include logos or photography, are typically printed on one of two types of material: vinyl or fabric. Fabric banners are known for their durability since they aren’t susceptible to getting wrinkled or torn while being setup.

The downside is that fabric colors do fade as time goes on, which means that you’ll need to invest in a banner stand all over again. Vinyl banners are easier to clean and usually much sharper and more vivid compared to their fabric counterparts. These will be your primary two choices regarding the material for your banner stand. Now we’ll talk about the different types of configurations and types that you’ll be able to choose from.
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What if you’re placed in a poor spot on the trade show floor?

What If You’re Placed in a Poor Spot on the Trade Show Floor?

A poor spot on the trade show floor can be used in a few different contexts regarding exhibit placement. For example, a poor spot could be considered one that doesn’t receive a lot of traffic. It would also refer to a spot in which you’re “sandwiched” between a few competitive marketing booths. Is there anything that you can do about this? If so, what? That’s what we’re going to talk about in the subsequent sections of this article.

Can I Just Move My Exhibit? 

The chances of this happening are very slim. Once you pay for a particular amount of space on the exhibit floor, you’ll be given a permanent spot that you cannot deviate from. This can feel like a nightmare if you feel that you’ve been placed in a bad spot. Once the trade show begins, don’t even consider things like “trading” with another booth or “upgrading”. Neither is going to happen, so you’ll simply need to make due with what’s available to you. Plus, even if you could move, would you really want to in the midst of the event happening? That would do more harm than good.

Get Creative With Your Marketing Scheme 

Just because you’ve been placed in a poor spot on the trade show floor, doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. To maximize your investment and time, get creative with your marketing scheme. Come up with something that’s so enticing that attendees can’t help but check it out. Prize wheels and free giveaways are one option. There aren’t many people who will turn away free stuff, even if it’s something small like a pen or bracelet.

To practically guarantee that you’ll stand out from the crowd, consider renting a “money booth”. A money booth is basically a large box with clear sides that can be closed once a person is inside. From here, you simply press a switch for the air to turn on. This will send whatever is inside flying through the air. You can place things like money, gift cards, or coupons inside the money machine in order to attract more visitors. After all, who’s going to turn down free money?
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