5 Ways that you can attract a crowd at trade shows

5 Ways that you can attract a crowd at trade shows

5 Ways That You Can Attract a Crowd At Trade Shows

Organizers are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to attract a crowd at trade shows. Some of these methods yield high amounts of engagement while others don’t. In this article, we’re going to show you five ways that you can attract more people to your trade show booth today.

Method #1: Decorate Your Booth With Attractive Personalities 

No matter how visually appealing your trade show booth looks, you won’t experience much success if your engagement skills are poor, or if you lack personality. What do musicians, actors, athletes, celebrities, and even hostesses all have in common? For one, they’re usually all smart, energetic, good-looking, and most important of all, aren’t afraid to smile!

Secondly, they’re all considered the center of attention within their respective niche, and they all typically do a good job at attracting a lot of attention. While you don’t need to go as far as to decorate your booth with celebrities, the person running your booth should have an engaging personality, not be shy, and be able to share important information about your company in a non-apprehensive and confident manner.

Method #2: Don’t Do What Everyone Else is Doing 

How can you possibly expect to experience more success than surrounding booths if you’re not doing anything meaningful to standout from them? In short, you won’t be able to. Even if it’s outside of your comfort zone, consider decorating your booth with graphics, color, lighting, and other exhibits that promote “action” and/or visual appeal. Some marketers have even gone as far as utilizing 3D image displays to further help their booth stand out from the crowd.
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4 Trade Show Exhibit Tips

 Trade Show Exhibit Tips

After you’ve paid the necessary fees, booked your hotel, and put together your travel arrangements, you’ll probably come to realize that trade show marketing can be quite expensive! Fortunately, it’s also very worth it – as long as you know what you’re doing. In the sections that follow, we’ll provide you with four simple and practical trade show exhibit tips for helping you create the perfect, highest-converting trade show booth possible.

Tip #1: Consider White Fiberboard For Your Exhibit Floor 

When putting together the perfect trade show exhibit, you probably already know that it’s important to captivate your audience. But this can be difficult if your booth’s elements don’t stand out or aren’t visually attractive. Experts suggest making your exhibit’s floor composed of a white reflective surface. More specifically, white fiberboard is good because it is A) Durable and can withstand trade show traffic, and B) Can help reflect light more efficiently onto the elements of your exhibit (especially compared to standard, dull convention center floors). By using white fiberboard floors, you’ll help your exhibit stand out better and brighter.

Tip #2: Add Graphics To Your Exhibit

One of the best ways to help your displays stand out is to add graphics to them. If you’re featuring a specific product at a trade show, then consider investing in larger banners with images of your product and hang them around your trade show exhibit. You can include your company’s logo on these banners, as well as any other graphics that you think are relevant to what your booth is about. These should help entice people to start asking questions and engage with your exhibit.
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How much does it cost to set up a trade show exhibit?

How Much Does it Cost to Setup A Trade Show Exhibit?

Many business owners get the impression that marketing at trade shows is too expensive to try out. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. While they aren’t cheap, they definitely won’t require you to invest more than a few thousand dollars (with the exception of popular trade shows, which can exceed $10,000). In the following sections, we’ll answer the question, “How much does it cost to setup an exhibit booth at a low to mid-level trade show marketing event?”

Basic Costs 

There are a few expenses associated with trade shows that you simply can’t avoid. Whether you’re attending a large event or a small one, you’ll still be required to pay for floor space, the exhibit, and all of your marketing materials. Everything else is typically extra (unless you’re traveling, in which case, you’ll have to pay more). As a general rule of thumb, expect floor space and the exhibit itself to take up between 40% and 50% of your total budget.
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