Are trade shows important?

Are trade shows important?

Are Trade Shows Important For Marketing?

Trade shows, in one form or another, have been around for thousands of years. In fact, modern day trade shows are believed to have derived from ones that were established during the late medieval period in Europe. During this time, produce growers and craftsmen would travel from town to town showcasing their products and services. It’s clear to see that not much has changed (as far as the actual concept of trade shows is concerned). But are trade shows important for marketing? Today, trade shows are used for pretty much the exact same reasons – to gain followers, make more sales, and spread the word about your business.

Trade Shows Are Still Going Strong

In 2013, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, or as they are better known, the “CEIR”, analyzed a steady increase in trade show attendance a staggering nine quarters in a row. They went on to predict that growth for trade shows should expect to grow dramatically going into 2015. This surely answers the question are trade shows important? And looking at this data, it’s very easy to see why trade shows work. They are crucial not only for the exhibitors, but also for the attendees.

The Advantages of Trade Show Marketing

Let’s take a look at five reasons for why trade shows are important for marketing and still very effective for both small and large businesses:

  • Networking: As a business owner, there’s nothing better you can do than networking. Building relationships with people who are within your industry, and who are interested in your products, is the fastest and most effective way to spread the word about your brand. On this note, never underestimate the power of one-on-one face time with people that you meet (you never know how that individual might play an important role in your company in the future).
  • Access to Industry Leaders: Depending on the size of the trade show, it isn’t unlikely that you’ll see industry leaders from all over the world setting up their exhibit booth next to yours. Since trade shows have gotten bigger (and better), there has been a growing focus on both presentations and lectures given by industry leaders. Take advantage of these by learning from the experts. Learn about their success stories as well as their thoughts on the latest trends within the industry.

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Trade show logistics to keep in mind

Trade Show Logistics to Keep in Mind

Setting up a trade show exhibit can be both fun and challenging. Unfortunately, some people allow the craziness of preparing for these events to transform them into nervous wrecks. Let’s take a look at a few trade show logistics tips that you can keep in mind to help make the preparation process as fast, efficient, and stress-free as possible.

Tip #1: Shipping  

These days, trade show contractors can easily charge $50+ for 100 pounds of shipment. That can add up to be quite a lot. Fortunately, if you consolidate your shipments, you’ll be able to save a lot of money on getting your exhibit and marketing materials to its final destination. This is an easy way to reduce your trade show logistics costs.

Additionally, if you ship your material directly to the event site will provide you with more peace of mind and will allow you to begin setting up your booth once you arrive. Also, last thing you want is for your crates to become misplaced at or on the way to a trade show marketing event. Consider painting them an exotic color or adding colored tape to them. This should help them stand out among the other thousands of dark crates brought by other exhibitors.

Tip #2: Backup Marketing Material 

This is one of those tips that, once applied, should help you feel much less stress about a trade show marketing event and reduce your trade show logistics costs. Think about it: you’ve probably already spent hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars on your marketing materials. Losing them now would mean losing out on a significant portion of your trade show investment. Not to mention, you wouldn’t have anything to present. Make sure that you back up all audio and visual files onto an external hard drive for additional precaution. Since your marketing material is essentially the heart and soul of exhibit this is a tip that you can’t afford to forget or ignore!
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More trade show leads with smarter staffing

More Trade Show Leads From Better Staffing Choices

Without a well-trained and experienced trade show staff, your chances of succeeding at a marketing event will be drastically lower. Similar to how a quarterback needs to work in harmony with the rest of his offense to score points, you need to learn how to delegate certain aspects of your trade show marketing booth to ensure that you get more trade show leads.

You Don’t Need to Carry All of The Responsibility 

The primary goal of setting up an exhibit at a trade show marketing event is to increase brand awareness. Getting more trade show leads is a close second. If you’ve ever participated in one before then you already understand how time consuming and physically exhausting they can be – which is why you shouldn’t do them alone (if you have the option). Delegating various aspects of your exhibit will liberate your time so that you can make more meaningful connections with those people that you do end up meeting and getting a chance to know. You’ll also maximize the odds of getting more trade show leads.

Pick Staff Members That Believe In Your Product 

If your own staff members don’t believe in your product, service, or company vision, then how can you possibly have these expectations for visitors? A quality exhibit starts with the loyalty and commitment of individual team members. Do your staff members deeply believe in your product? Are they willing to stick out their necks and do what needs to be done to ensure that people understand what your company is about? If not, consider picking staff members that do.

Guidelines For Quality Trade Show Staffing 

First and foremost, the personnel at your trade show exhibit need to have a lively and fully engaged personality that is lined up with your company’s vision and goals. Quiet, unenergetic staff members will bore visitors. Your staff members should be well rehearsed in the products or services that they are marketing, as well as have the ability to speak confidently about your company. More trade show leads are the reward you get for enthusiastic staff.
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