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What if you’re placed in a poor spot on the trade show floor?

What If You’re Placed in a Poor Spot on the Trade Show Floor?

A poor spot on the trade show floor can be used in a few different contexts regarding exhibit placement. For example, a poor spot could be considered one that doesn’t receive a lot of traffic. It would also refer to a spot in which you’re “sandwiched” between a few competitive marketing booths. Is there anything that you can do about this? If so, what? That’s what we’re going to talk about in the subsequent sections of this article.

Can I Just Move My Exhibit? 

The chances of this happening are very slim. Once you pay for a particular amount of space on the exhibit floor, you’ll be given a permanent spot that you cannot deviate from. This can feel like a nightmare if you feel that you’ve been placed in a bad spot. Once the trade show begins, don’t even consider things like “trading” with another booth or “upgrading”. Neither is going to happen, so you’ll simply need to make due with what’s available to you. Plus, even if you could move, would you really want to in the midst of the event happening? That would do more harm than good.

Get Creative With Your Marketing Scheme 

Just because you’ve been placed in a poor spot on the trade show floor, doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. To maximize your investment and time, get creative with your marketing scheme. Come up with something that’s so enticing that attendees can’t help but check it out. Prize wheels and free giveaways are one option. There aren’t many people who will turn away free stuff, even if it’s something small like a pen or bracelet.

To practically guarantee that you’ll stand out from the crowd, consider renting a “money booth”. A money booth is basically a large box with clear sides that can be closed once a person is inside. From here, you simply press a switch for the air to turn on. This will send whatever is inside flying through the air. You can place things like money, gift cards, or coupons inside the money machine in order to attract more visitors. After all, who’s going to turn down free money?


Qualifying trade show leads the right way

Qualifying Trade Show Leads…Quality Matters … Not Quantity

Qualifying trade show leads leads at the show is a skill that is often unappreciated and misunderstood. Statistics indicate that of every 100 visitors at a trade show, only 10 are qualified to purchase. And of those 10 visitors, only 3 have an immediate need to buy. Like a prospector panning for gold, how does your booth staff sift through the multitude of visitors to find those treasured qualified leads? There are only two parts to qualifying trade show leads. The answer lies in staff conduct, and the ability to ask the right open-ended questions to complete the qualification process quickly and efficiently.

Show floors are noisy, so exhibit staff must talk slowly and clearly. Maintain good eye contact to demonstrate that you’re listening and that the visitor has your full attention. When speaking to more than 1 visitor be certain to address each of them equally. Avoid criticizing your competitors. Remain standing with your arms at your sides or cupped beneath your waist, and remain polite and friendly.

Some exhibit staffers try to sell to everyone, which is frustrating and unproductive. What you need to do is use the first minute or two to qualify prospects before beginning a mini-presentation or a more in-depth conversation. You may find yourself talking to an enthusiastic listener who has absolutely no intention of ever buying your product or service. Use open-ended questions to quickly ascertain whether this visitor warrants more of your precious attention.


Trade show giveaways that give back

Trade Show Giveaways That Give Back

It’s hard to imagine a trade show without trade show giveaways. Promotional items help attract visitors to your booth, spark memories after the event, and can share your company information with prospects in a distinctive, memorable way. But how do you find a unique, appealing and effective giveaway that distinguishes your company from your competitors?

First and foremost, you have to think small, practical, re-usable, and functional. Trade show visitors don’t relish cumbersome objects, and they search for items that are useful. Throwaway items mean that your company information is permanently lost, so stick to trade show giveaways that last and provide ongoing recall for potential prospects. With some planning and effort, your company can implement a successful trade show giveaway strategy by following the 9-step process below:

1. Define your trade show audience – Who will receive your giveaways? Existing customers, prospects, and/or general passersby? Consider distributing different gifts to different visitors, with the quality of the trade show giveaway directly proportional to the quality of the lead. You may also consider contacting key existing customers prior to the trade show and informing them that a gift awaits their arrival at your booth.

2. Establish your goals – What do you hope to achieve with your giveaways? Educate or increase awareness of your company/product/service, introduce a new product line, provide helpful hints, communicate your contact information in a unique way, build existing customer loyalty, motivate an action, or perhaps communicate a message? Your giveaway goal(s) will determine the nature of your promotional item.

3. Locate the ideal item – Consider hiring a promotional specialist to help you find a giveaway that works. Pens, sticky pads and keychains are overused, so check the internet for alternatives such as reusable water bottles, computer calendars, canvas bags, playing cards, eco-friendly products, or appeal to the kid in all of us with yo-yos, frisbees, balls, or puzzles.